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Buy Land: Learn | Second Life


Saved by uncleflo on January 4th, 2019.

Personalize your home and really make it your own. Buy the palace you've always wanted, or build the abode of the future. Or think bigger — change the shape of the virtual world with your public attraction, virtual kingdom or megastore. Build the Eighth Wonder of the Virtual World. Buying virtual land opens up a universe of possibilities. Once you have land, you can build or purchase objects to customize it and make it a part of your Second Life home. Whether you buy a hut or create a skyscraper, your land is your own creative canvas. And it's a lot less expensive than buying a house in the real world — so you can finally have that hot tub or ocean front view you've always craved. Think of your land as your home away from home — make it look and feel just like you want it to. In Second Life, you can design and arrange every inch of your living space, and even control things like the weather and time of day. Create alone or construct together. Building in Second Life can be collaborative — invite your friends over to help design your new place, and make it a group effort. Then make furniture, art or a Ferris wheel in your backyard. There are millions of items you can buy to spruce up your home. Vendors sell everything from prefab houses to space age kitchens to Olympic-sized swimming pools. Build and buy, mix and match. There are endless possibilities.

prefab craved invite backyard boutique virtual skyscraper landlord buy endless hut amusement canvas vacation millions build sell wonder whatever terrain profit construct furniture attraction second life online life play game beautiful live experience world virtual world

Efteling - Bezoek een Wereld vol Wonderen


Saved by uncleflo on March 31st, 2017.

31 mei 1952 was een heuglijke dag: de Efteling werd officieel geopend. Het toenmalige Sprookjesbos groeide in de decennia die volgden uit tot een gigantische Wereld vol Wonderen. Met name Anton Pieck zorgde voor de sprookjesachtige sfeer die de Efteling kenmerkt en tot op de dag van vandaag wordt gekoesterd en bewaakt. De Wereld van de Efteling beperkt zich niet tot het attractiepark, het golfpark en de overnachtingsmogelijkheden maar komt ook tot uiting in evenementen voor de zakelijke markt. Bovendien produceert de Efteling eigen musicals en radio- en televisieprogramma's zoals Sprookjesboom en Jokie.

park fun netherlands world wonder attraction forest information beautiful website funpark price reference business

Travel Oregon


Saved by uncleflo on July 19th, 2016.

Are you interested in visiting our state? In recent years, our little home in the Pacific Northwest has gotten a lot of attention. We’re flattered. People can’t seem to say enough about it. And a lot of the things they’ve been saying are true. We’ve partnered with Roadtrippers to provide a great way to plan a trip around Oregon. Packed with all the great resources you’ll find on TravelOregon.com, the Oregon Roadtrippers experience gets you from Point A to Point B (and C, D, and E), suggests stuff to do on the way, and let’s you take it with you on your smartphone. Not familiar with U.S. geography? Oregon is on the West Coast, right between Washington and California. Some people think it’s the best thing about the West Coast, and of course they’re right. Made up of seven diverse regions, Oregon has the ocean, mountains, valleys, high desert, cities, small towns, and almost everything in between.

oregon us story reading blog travel trip idea city place deal wonder do see guide tourism information reference list agency vacation suggestion mountainlake beach mountain lake nature description drink explore outdoor stay

Accessibility and all these JavaScript frameworks - Stack Overflow


Saved by uncleflo on February 22nd, 2015.

I've been investigating a few of the JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js and Batman.js for a while and whilst I really like them, I have one niggling thing that I keep coming back to. That issue is accessibility. As a web developer I've always tried to make my websites and applications with accessibility in mind, especially using the idea of progressive enhancement. Clearly out of the box these new JS frameworks don't gracefully degrade, so I was wondering what are other developers thoughts on this issue and what are you doing about it. After all the accessibility of a website / app isn't really an optional thing as it's part of the law in many countries.

accessibility website javascript framework stackoverflow access clean design structure progressive enhance graceful degrade investigate wonder development tip reference howto proper useful good

How To Export Blender Models to OpenGL ES: Part 1/3 | Ray Wenderlich


Saved by uncleflo on February 8th, 2015.

Recently, we published Blender tutorial for beginners that showed you how to create your own 3D models in Blender. But you might be wondering – how can I export Blender models to OpenGL ES? That’s what this epic three-part tutorial series is all about! You will learn how to make an awesome 3D model viewer for iOS that can display models that you create in Blender.

blender model obj opengl tutorial beginner create wonder viewer display export 3d render file format example shape app opengles organize refresh knowledge tool convert texture coordinate normal face vertex maya graphics beautiful design



Saved by uncleflo on February 2nd, 2014.

Wonderland is entirely in aid of charity and run by volunteers, we do not make a penny from these events, we do them 'cos we love them and 'cos we love all of you too. All profits go to the Wonder Years Charity, supporting communities in The Gambia. Wonderland have been in The Gambia putting the money that you guys have helped us raise into practice, meeting the people who the money has been helping and getting a fuller understanding of the amazing work Wonder Years have been doing. I must say we have all been blown away with the work that is going on out there.

wonder land website beautiful design event party information practice money work evening out amazing sexy girl

Disneyland® Paris Official Site - Infos & exclusive offers


Saved by uncleflo on December 11th, 2012.

Disneyland® Paris is open every day of the year. Opening times vary according to season. The Parks may also stay open later for special seasonal events.You can find Disney Characters in the two Disney Parks, in Disney Hotels at determined time slots and in certain restaurants. You can also arrange to enjoy a magical meal with beloved Disney Characters.You can find show and parade times in the Park Maps available at the main entrance to the Parks.80% of attractions are covered and protected against rain, so, no matter what the weather, you'll always have fun at Disneyland® Paris.Disney Village is a themed entertainment district that's unique in all of Europe. With round-the-clock fun, Disney Village is a holiday destination all in itself.

disney disneyland paris france info information offer site park fun amaze wonder

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