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Laughing Loon Kayak Plans, Wood boat, Sea kayaks, Canoes, Wood Strip Boat Building Plans


Saved by uncleflo on February 23rd, 2019.

In this era where less and less is made in the United States and corporations decide what choices we will have, it's wonderful that you can still build a boat for yourself that is lighter, faster and more beautiful than anything spit out by a big company. I'm often asked, "Can I build one? I don't have a lot of woodworking experience." I say, "If you thought about building one, you can! Building a boat never even crosses the mind of someone who can't." Desire and tenacity will overcome lack of skill, and you will learn all the skills you need, building this boat. And when you are finished, you will be rightly proud of what you have done. And what you have learned, is that you can do a lot more than you ever imagined. The skills you learn and the power of what you CAN DO, will flow over into other areas of your life.

kayak epoxy laughing tenacity sincere laminate fiberglass tutorial tips amaze intriguing expiration glue tricks instruction tailor instructions template patience build construction howto yourself wood material us canoe plan order online buy purchase suggestion

Fashion teaching - How to enroll at my online classes


Saved by uncleflo on January 4th, 2019.

ABOUT HOW THINGS WORK AT MY ONLINE CLASSES: 1. Each week-end you will receive the brief in a secret Facebook group: a challenge that you will have to work on until next Friday. 2. Each Friday you will have to send me your sketches via email here: fashionteaching@gmail.com 3. Stay tuned on 2 things: your email and the secret Facebook group - where each Sunday I will post a new challenge + a lot of tips, links, inspiring posts, trends and theoretic knowledge. 4. You will receive by email a personal feed-back on your drawings and tips on how to improve 5. Then, we repeat: Each week-end you will receive a new brief, have time until next Friday to sketch, then send me your sketches for feed-backs and then wait for another brief. 6. At the end of the 3 months course you will receive a diploma that will attest the fact that you did all the 12 challenges and you took the online course with me.

tutorial basics backstage exercises pencil coloring fashion drawing enjoy tricks illustration symmetry tips practicing spectacular sketch learn welcome connections trace designer teaching tools advanced stages watch teach youtube training course challenge

Social Media Management Platform | Buffer


Saved by uncleflo on December 23rd, 2018.

Get Started with Buffer for free. No credit card required! All prices are all-inclusive as opposed to a "per team member" cost. Want to see the full details for each plan? Check out our plans and pricing. Save time managing social media for your business. Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place. Schedule content and check analytics for all your social accounts in one place, rather than going to six different networks. Schedule social media posts for your preferred times. Schedule posts for all of your social accounts at once, and Buffer will publish them automatically, according to the posting schedule you put in place. Review your analytics to see how your posts are performing. You can use the analytics to see your social media performance, understand how to improve your results, and create reports for your manager or clients. Add multiple team members and set access levels. You can add up to 25 team members to your Buffer account and give them the appropriate access levels — full posting access or approval required.

buffer analyze scheduling learn standby productive queue thoughts publish amazing marketing schedule check browser profile tips automatically engage journey media content marketer tool scheduler comfort convenience control oversight analytics networks howto member performance network report automatic administrator

Heiner's SHELLdorado


Saved by uncleflo on November 3rd, 2016.

SHELLdorado - your UNIX shell scripting resource

shell guide tips howto expert lookup website resource development administration sh ksh bash script tutorial reference list server linux unix

The Blonde Abroad • Solo Female Travel & Lifestyle Blog


Saved by uncleflo on September 17th, 2016.

An award-winning female travel & lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion and photography from around the world. Hi! I’m Kiersten, a California native, who, not too long ago, left my career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since then, I’ve traveled to over 50 countries and have knocked some big adventures off my bucketlist.

blog blonde abroad travel guide story lifestyle solo female personal website traveller international world country adventure career finance corporate photography feature tips fashion award

The 7 Best 360° Cameras and Rigs for Shooting INSANELY Awesome VR Video – DailyTekk


Saved by uncleflo on September 4th, 2016.

If you haven’t experienced a 360° video yet, you’re in for a blown-mind. I recently watched this 360 degree vlog made by Casey Neistat and had such a good time exploring NYC. Even without a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or Gear VR, 360° video is super fun to watch and explore through a platform like YouTube since you can still move your camera around to see what’s “around” you. I’m convinced that this is the future. Experience it for yourself as soon as possible. Be sure to check out our list of the 10 best VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, too.

gopro pictures videos camera 360 virtual reality vr explore immersion compare reference purchase ideas suggestion tips blog article description products comparison

Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems & Transformations (Part 1) – The viewport, viewBox, & preserveAspectRatio


Saved by uncleflo on June 13th, 2015.

SVG elements aren't governed by a CSS box model like HTML elements are. This makes positioning and transforming these elements trickier and may seem—at first glance—less intuitive. However, once you understand how SVG coordinate systems and transformations work, manipulating SVGs becomes a lot easier and makes a lot more sense. In this article we're going to go over three of the most important SVG attributes that control SVG coordinate systems: viewport, viewBox, and preserveAspectRatio.

svg tutorial tips graphics design viewport viewbox transformation coordination system manipulation scale development designing canvas introduction explanation guide easy

20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)


Saved by uncleflo on June 13th, 2015.

Social media networks are continuously adding cool little features here and there, and it can be tough to keep up -- especially if there's no big announcement. For instance, did you know you can reorder the sections on your Facebook business Page? That you can embed a SlideShare presentation directly into a tweet? That you can add hidden relationship notes to your LinkedIn connections? (That one's my favorite.) There are so many cool things our favorite social networks can do that may have fallen through the cracks. To help you discover these hidden treasures, we rounded up 20 of the lesser-known features on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Check 'em out.

marketing feature facebook twitter tips guide information reference list knowledge power social networkcool linkedin idea inspiration media

All About Floats | CSS-Tricks


Saved by uncleflo on February 22nd, 2015.

Float is a CSS positioning property. To understand its purpose and origin, we can look to print design. In a print layout, images may be set into the page such that text wraps around them as needed. This is commonly and appropriately called "text wrap". Here is an example of that.

css float webdesign layout design html reference web tips development website howto example blog description position page problem trick hint tip solution

9 Tricks to Design The Perfect HTML Newsletter


Saved by uncleflo on February 22nd, 2015.

An e-mail newsletter is the perfect way to stay in touch with your clients or followers. Often your company or website will have numerous product updates, or possibly upcoming events you’d like to share. It’s always possible to post new information to your blog or social media streams, but your audience can only go so far to reach you. In this case, e-mail is certainly not dead technology, merely untapped potential.

tips html guide email newsletter design trick company technology send shot howto reference

26 Beautiful Landing Page Designs Critiqued with A/B Testing Tips | Unbounce


Saved by uncleflo on February 11th, 2015.

It’s landing page examples time again, and this time I’m going to focus on critiquing the pages from an A/B testing perspective. Each example will examine the thought process you’d go through when analyzing a page (or the reaction a visitor might have when arriving for the first time), a testing hypothesis for how the page might perform better, and some examples of what you could test to prove your hypothesis.

webdesign marketing analytics landing page seo tips howto guide example hypothesis process focus improve beautiful information

Recent Mass Football Spam - Meta Stack Exchange


Saved by uncleflo on January 31st, 2015.

An excellent topic on how to deal with SPAM. Is something wrong with StackOverflow's spam filter? Recently there have been huge numbers of spam topics related to football streaming. They have all been spam flagged and deleted but there are more getting posted all the time, I just flagged another 6 or so a few minutes ago. This has been going on for around 3 days now with these topics getting constantly posted over and over again in the

spam spammer howto guide information action example reference tips solution filter topic flag moderation moderator stackexchange meta stream streaming feature bug discussion delete

DataRecovery - Community Ubuntu Documentation


Saved by uncleflo on August 9th, 2014.

Deleted or lost files can sometimes be recovered from failed or formatted drives and partitions, CD-ROMs and memory cards using the free/libre software available in the Ubuntu repositories. The data is recoverable because the information is not immediately removed from the disk. Follow these steps to recover lost data.

rescue backup recovery howto data ubuntu linux ddrescue tips information reference list software documentation filesystem file system partition tool utility administration recover delete lost remove accident

5 Tips For Faster Loading Web Sites


Saved by uncleflo on July 17th, 2014.

Recently I came across Aaron Hopkins' Optimizing Page Load Time article. It explains in depth how you should optimize your web pages for a faster browsing experience. It's full of brilliant theory, but not to so much about practical tips for the average blogger. So here is a list of 5 things you can do to optimize your web pages without having to redo your site design or set up distribution caches around the planet. It helped me to reduce load time of this web site by about 70% on average.

performance optimization apache web speed webdesign javascript css load time download experience theory practical webpage setup blog article howto guide tips

Atomic Design | Brad Frost Web


Saved by uncleflo on July 16th, 2014.

As the craft of Web design continues to evolve, we’re recognizing the need to develop thoughtful design systems, rather than creating simple collections of web pages. A lot has been said about creating design systems, and much of it focuses on establishing foundations for color, typography, grids, texture and the like. This type of thinking is certainly important, but I’m slightly less interested in these aspects of design because ultimately they are and will always be subjective. Lately I’ve been more interested in what our interfaces are comprised of and how we can construct design systems in a more methodical way.

webdesign patterns design atomic responsive process tips development administration howto website system engineering approach systematic element atom molecule organism template page web foundation methodical method good guide sample

Css and Web Design Community News


Saved by uncleflo on July 15th, 2014.

A website with lots of web design articles, that everyone around the world can contribute to.

css css3 html5 web tips portal cloud jquery design practice reference interesting article globe global contribute share knowledge information community

How To Build a Website: HTML, CSS and HTML Editors


Saved by uncleflo on June 4th, 2014.

Now that you know how to define the purpose of your site, create a project outline and create a file folder structure, it's time to move on. In this tutorial, you will learn about HTML editors, HTML tags, CSS, and how to create your first web page using the infamous "Hello World" programming example. HTML 4 is still considered the basic building blocks of a web site. HTML 5 is the proposed next standard, but according to the HTML 5 Wikipedia page, the W3C is not expected to recommend it until 2022. However, some aspects are considered stable and some implementations can be used today. For the purpose of this article, HTML 4 will be considered the gold standard.

website html css build create tips beginner resource link reference example web page editor information guide development style

Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites | Smashing Magazine


Saved by uncleflo on May 24th, 2014.

Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites. A website is never done. Everyone has worked on a project that changed so much after it launched that they no longer wanted it in their portfolio. One way to help those who take over your projects is to produce a style guide.

branding brand logo tips article design style guide template booklet project strategy overview

The Best Apps for Automatically Cleaning Up Your Music Library


Saved by uncleflo on April 17th, 2014.

Your music library is precious. It's full of hard-to-find tracks, ripped CDs, and rare downloads. It might also be a mess. It can be easier to look up those songs on Spotify than enjoy the high-quality audio files you own. Luckily, there are some great free tools to clean it up and make sure that never happens again. Let's check out the best.

music cleaning apps library tools tips software administration file manage desktop computer guide reference

Secure Session Management Tips | Notes | W(e)blinks


Saved by uncleflo on December 6th, 2012.

Most (if not all) modern websites use sessions to control the experience for individual users, and to maintain state between requests (since HTTP is a stateless protocol after all). Sessions are fantastic and incredibly useful, but if managed incorrectly they can expose your website to security vulnerabilities and potentially allow a malicious attacker to gain unauthorised access to user accounts.

session cookie php development guide information security tips web id privileges

C++ Tips & Tricks: Bitmap Tutorial: Loading and Saving Bitmaps


Saved by uncleflo on March 15th, 2012.

The windows bitmap file format (.bmp) is the most widely used image file format on windows (next to .jpg), and there are many occasions a program or game has to be able to load or save bitmaps ( raytracers and other non-realtime renderers should be able to save their output in .bmp format, games might have to load them as textures etc. ).
Unfortunately .bmp files are not as straightforward as for example .png image files and provide quite a problem for newbies since it's not that easy to figure out how to use them when without a library or API.

cpp tips tricks tutorial load save bitmaps bmp graphic image development format

SQLite commands and general usage


Saved by uncleflo on September 6th, 2011.

SQLite is an embedded open source relational database (db). It is very portable, easy to use, compact, efficient, and reliable. Being an embedded database it becomes part of the program that hosts it. It is embedded in many popular programs used today. Most use the SQLite C API to interface with the SQLite db. Many scripting/programming languages use the API like the Perl module DBI::SQLite, PHP's data objects with the SQLite driver, or just straight C programs. Not only can these languages (and many more) use the SQLite C API to access the SQLite db but most OS's have a statically linked native binary that can also be controlled completely from the command line. How cool is that?

sqlite database documentation howto sql tips command general faq sqlite3 commands help pretty information guide dbms

Bit Twiddling Hacks


Saved by uncleflo on August 17th, 2011.

Individually, the code snippets here are in the public domain (unless otherwise noted) — feel free to use them however you please. The aggregate collection and descriptions are © 1997-2005 Sean Eron Anderson. The code and descriptions are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. As of May 5, 2005, all the code has been tested thoroughly. Thousands of people have read it. Moreover, Professor Randal Bryant, the Dean of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, has personally tested almost everything with his Uclid code verification system. What he hasn't tested, I have checked against all possible inputs on a 32-bit machine. To the first person to inform me of a legitimate bug in the code, I'll pay a bounty of US$10 (by check or Paypal).

programming c algorithms coding tips code algorithm books hacks bit emprovement performance c++ cpp

Change Screen Brightness From Terminal


Saved by uncleflo on August 2nd, 2011.

If you want to change the screen brightness in Ubuntu (I can’t change it using the keyboard shortcuts or the Ubuntu Power Management menu), open a terminal and execute the following.

linux ubuntu hack terminal brightness screen laptop tips information solution

Tips for Writing a Letter of Reference


Saved by uncleflo on July 19th, 2011.

In today's competitive job market, job applicants are forced to use every available tool to be successful. A letter of recommendation must be taken seriously. It could mean the difference between a student or new graduate being hired or being rejected. Here are some tips for writing your letter of recommendation.

tips information letter reference recommendation guide jobs writing boss employer applicant powerful power words