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RTM Light process "The best case" English version Fiberglass - YouTube


Saved by uncleflo on December 28th, 2019.

Video shows the construction process of the RTM Light mold the manufacture of the piece. Produced by Paulo Camatta, specializing in process developments such as RTM Light, conventional and silicone skin infusion, vacuum lamination and model and mold making. This video was developed based on the operational training courses given at CETECOM - Composite Technology Center until February 2017, with the aim of providing technological innovations in thermoset polymer composite processes. This video briefly demonstrates mold construction and the vacuum assisted RTM Light - Resin Transfer Molding process. Paulo Camatta is currently Executive Director of CRC Composites, a consulting and representation company. www.crcomposites.com.br

layup gelcoat coat mold manufacturing howto production specialize process conventional infusion vacuum lamination model make video youtuge composite technology resin transfer consultation company demonstration demo brief

Coriolis Composites - Company general presentation - YouTube


Saved by uncleflo on October 28th, 2019.

Coriolis Composites is a world leader in AFP (Automated Fiber Placement ), providing complete solutions including robot, studies and software to produce aerospace and automotive composite parts. Coriolis is a french company, located in south Brittany and has subsidiary companies located in UK, Germany and Canada.

queue aerospace fiber automotive composite placement opinion produce software germany canada video company solution robot study youtube movie demonstration howto technical part performance manufacturing create automatic industrial

Carbon Fiber: Manufacturing - YouTube


Saved by uncleflo on June 19th, 2014.

A great movie on some of the techniques on how to build commercial grade carbon fibre bicycles. What makes the bottom bracket stiffer in a carbon monocoque design than in just a carbon design? Are the fibers more dense in this area, or is it just that it is pre-molded joints as opposed to some kind of welding process? I was thinking of a titanium frame with ovalized and oversized tubes, but now I am researching monocoque possibilities. I need a stiff bottom bracket for climbing.

carbon fibre mould howto solution process design technique grade commercial joint manufacturing youtube movie manufacture mold tube

FANUC Robotics UK - website


Saved by uncleflo on November 24th, 2011.

FANUC Robotics UK Limited provides robotic solutions for the manufacturing industry. A wholly owned subsidiary of FANUC Limited of Japan, FANUC Robotics has been established in the UK since 1982. Operating from its 2,200 sq mtr facility in Coventry, FANUC employs over 45 staff, and supports an installed UK base approaching 10,000 robots. Based in Coventry we have local resources for sales, service and support. We begin working with you by gaining a thorough understanding of your needs; this process is supported by our experienced staff of sales and application engineers. Whatever business you're in, FANUC Robotics can help you meet your manufacturing challenges. Our Customer base is diverse. We have provided reliable solutions for palletising, packing, material handling and material removal to a growing number of customers in packaged goods, food processing, plastics, electronics, machinery, glass and other industries.

fanuc robotics uk solution manufacturing industrial robots coventry customers guide information packaging business automation

Workspace Robot Simulation Software


Saved by uncleflo on November 24th, 2011.

Workspace 5™ opens up an entirely new window on the world of robot simulation and offline programming - offering accuracy, compatibility and customizability regardless of what manufacturers' robot you're using. Workspace 5™ can help you visualize your complex robotic and automation processes quickly and easily before you reach the production stage. Here is just a sample of the power that Workspace 5™ can bring to your desktop, whether you use Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

workspace robot simulation software manufacturing industry education programming solution testing

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