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An Introduction to Lean Canvas – Steve Mullen – Medium


Saved by uncleflo on January 4th, 2019.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks you can perform is getting your idea(s) out from your head into a tangible format so that you can communicate that with others. In the past, this usually meant a well-researched business plan, that would usually take weeks (more like months) to create. I turn to the Lean Canvas to help me quickly formulate possible business models, product launches, campaigns and variations of, and communicate this with my stakeholders for my Lead Flow Method work. Having the Lean Canvas as a visual guide made this part “communicating the model/idea” so much more effective — and I think the most valuable function of the tool. The problem with business plans for startups & entrepreneurs are that they’re a waste of time, don’t get me wrong a well-researched business plan is important but only at the right stage of your business (usually when you’re in growth/investment). This quote from Steve Blank sums up this point in case: “Business Plan: a document investors make you write, that they don’t read”. The key fundamental to Lean methodology is the elimination of waste — this includes time, processes, inventory and more. So as a lean startup you need a quicker way to get ideas out of your head, you need to stay lean & avoid waste — so, it’s time to introduce Lean Canvas.

lean optimist canvas startup unfair funnel formulate recommend quicker insider validation blank communicating proposition customer entrepreneur pricing calculate communicate invest advantage solving methodology business money return howto analysis analytical guide method waste research important model launch variation document investor tool process inventory quick idea communication pitch poster start

Free Stock Charts, Stock Quotes and Trade Ideas — TradingView


Saved by uncleflo on February 10th, 2018.

Live quotes, free charts and expert trading ideas. TradingView is a social network for traders and investors on Stock and Futures and Forex markets!

qjuote free chart expert information idea social investor stock future forex market reference opinion howto quote lookup



Saved by uncleflo on February 10th, 2018.

eToro is a social trading and multi asset brokerage company that has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel and the United Kingdom. eToro was founded as RetailFX in 2006 in Tel Aviv, by brothers Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia together with David Ring. In 2010, eToro released the eToro OpenBook social investment platform, along with its "Copy-Trading" feature. The eToro OpenBook enables investors to view, follow and copy the network's top traders automatically.[8] Later that year, eToro released its first Android apps so investors could buy and sell stock via mobile devices. Between 2007 and 2013, the company raised $31.5 million in four rounds of funding.[10][11][12] In December 2014, eToro raised $27 million from Russian and Chinese investors.

trade social broker founded investment platform copy release android investor stock device round fund invest open book enable kingdom multi company asset follow net howto beginner money united uk

Gedragsregels (MiFID)


Saved by uncleflo on May 15th, 2017.

De Autoriteit voor Financiële Diensten en Markten streeft naar een eerlijke en correcte behandeling van de financiële consument en naar integere financiële markten. De verschillende actoren in de Belgische financiële sector staan, voor diverse aspecten, onder permanent toezicht om de stabiliteit van en het vertrouwen in de financiële markten en een loyale, billijke en professionele behandeling van de beleggers en financiële consumenten te waarborgen. Dit toezicht verloopt volgens het "Twin Peaks"-model of tweepolig model met twee autonome toezichthouders, namelijk de Nationale Bank van België en de Autoriteit voor Financiële Diensten en Markten, kort FSMA, die elk specifieke doelstellingen nastreven. De FSMA staat in voor het toezicht op de financiële markten en de informatie van ondernemingen, op bepaalde categorieën financiële dienstverleners en tussenpersonen, op de naleving van gedragsregels door de financiële bemiddelaars, op de commercialisering van de financiële producten voor het grote publiek en op de aanvullende pensioenen. De wetgever heeft de FSMA ook opgelegd een bijdrage te leveren aan de financiële vorming van de spaarders en de beleggers. In de voorstellingsbrochure vindt u een beknopte uitleg over de FSMA, haar bevoegdheden en haar organisatie.

financial integrity conduct authority guides institution reference vision how rules belgium technology organization search commercial finance investor product

Tech City UK


Saved by uncleflo on July 18th, 2016.

We believe the UK is the best place to start and grow a digital business. 30 of the UK’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies Celebrate Together. Cause for Optimism as UK Tech Rises to Brexit Challenge. As first post-Brexit survey of the tech sector reveals concerns over recruitment, skills and investment, Tech City UK CEO Gerard Grech and others explain why UK entrepreneurs are still well-placed to succeed.

technology uk city london challenge digital business investor partner contact start setup commercial rival enterprise entrepreneur news national marketing

Guardian Comment is free: The TTIP trade deal will throw equality before the law on the corporate bonfire | George Monbiot


Saved by uncleflo on April 2nd, 2015.

If a government proposes to abandon one of the fundamental principles of justice, there had better be a powerful reason. Equality before the law is not ditched lightly. Surely? Well, read this and judge for yourself. The UK government, like that of the US and 13 other EU members, wants to set up a separate judicial system, exclusively for the use of corporations. While the rest of us must take our chances in the courts, corporations across the EU and US will be allowed to sue governments before a tribunal of corporate lawyers. They will be able to challenge the laws they don’t like, and seek massive compensation if these are deemed to affect their “future anticipated profits”.

ttip trade agreement investor investment challenge law compensation future profit lawyer corporate equality exclusive sue court justice judicial isds reason politics stop protest

TTIP and ISDS: The Obscure Trade Clause Threatening to Tear European Politics Apart


Saved by uncleflo on March 25th, 2015.

On 29 September 2014, Cecelia Malmström took the stand in the European Parliament to answer questions – a formality en route to the role of European Trade Commissioner. Unbeknownst to her, Martin Selmayr, the chief of staff for incoming European Commissioner President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker, was alleged to have changed her written testimony, in a section in which she wrote about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Selmayr inserted the following line: "…this clearly means that no investor-State dispute settlement mechanism will be part of that agreement."

ttip isds trade clause politics eu europe question president agreement investor investment protection money threat deal parliament

Business finance: 6 sources of finance for a business - Startups.co.uk: Starting a business advice and business ideas


Saved by uncleflo on March 28th, 2014.

Looking for business funding options but not sure where to start? Startups has compiled a launch pad guide signposting the available funding for small businesses. After coming up with your killer business idea and putting the groundwork in place to start it, the next stage you need to consider is how you will fund it. Some businesses, such as eBay or online ventures, will require very little money to start; others, such as retail, will need a substantial injection of capital.

business startup finance source howto guide reference list advice funding small grow start enterpreneur loan grant crowdfund invest investor angel

IC tomorrow - innovateuk


Saved by uncleflo on February 8th, 2014.

IC tomorrow, a Technology Strategy Board programme to enable digital innovation, is offering up to 8 wearable technology innovators the opportunity to present at the Start-Up Pitch session at the Wearable Technology Show. The event will be held at London Olympia on Tuesday 18 March 2014, with pitching taking place between 13:30 to 15:00, with the winning company announced at 18:00.

technology innovation sell strategy board programme enable offer opportunity session show event olympia london company startup entrepreneur investor wear attend

How a Holding Company Works -


Saved by uncleflo on August 12th, 2013.

A holding company is a special type of business that doesn’t do anything itself. Instead, it owns investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold, silver, real estate, art, patents, copyrights, licenses, private businesses, or virtually anything of value. The term holding company comes from the fact that the business has one job: to “hold” their investments.

finance investment holding company share investor value lesson howto guide business private stock manage money asset explanation definition

Walter Schloss Value Investing Strategy


Saved by uncleflo on August 12th, 2013.

Walter Schloss, a legendary value investor who learned directly from Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, never graduated from college and was hired as a runner on Wall Street in 1934, at the age of 18. Schloss enrolled in the New York Stock Exchange Institute, where he took courses from Benjamin Graham on how to value businesses, find value stocks, and manage money.

finance investment holding company share investor value story lesson tip howto rule guide exchange business private stock manage money asset

Live Nation


Saved by uncleflo on May 24th, 2013.

Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s leading live entertainment and ecommerce company, comprised of four market leaders: Ticketmaster.com, Live Nation Concerts, Artist Nation and Live Nation Network. Ticketmaster.com is the global event ticketing leader and one of the world’s top five ecommerce sites, with a database of over 119 million fans who visit our sites. Live Nation Concerts produces 22,000 shows annually for more than 2,300 artists globally. Artist Nation is the world’s top artist management company, representing over 200 artists. These businesses power Live Nation Network, the leading provider of entertainment marketing solutions, enabling nearly 800 advertisers to tap into the 250 million consumers Live Nation delivers annually through its live event and digital platforms. For additional information, visit www.livenation.com/investors.

live nation entertainment market solution advertiser deliver platform information investor ticket purchase reference out music performance usa fan

A Standard Business Plan Outline — Business Plan Help & Small Business Articles - Bplans.com


Saved by uncleflo on April 2nd, 2012.

What information needs to be in your business plan? What is the order of information that will make the most sense to lenders and investors? You can answer these questions with the business plan outlines provided below. What are the standard elements of a business plan? If you do need a standard business plan to seek funding — as opposed to a plan-as-you-go approach for running your business, which I describe below — there are predictable contents of a standard business plan outline.

information standard business plan outline bplans investor leader element funding content write bank expectation summary concise interesting innovation idea

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