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The quote of aluminium sheet metal price

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The quote of aluminium sheet metal price in details_aluminum sheet
Aluminum sheet metal can also be called aluminum sheet, refers to the thickness of more than 0.2mm to 500mm, width of more than 200mm, length of less than 16m aluminum material called aluminum sheet,aluminium alloy sheet plate.

There are several ways of aluminum alloy sheets classification, common classification is in accordance with the thickness to points, can be divided into thin aluminum sheet and conventional 0.15-2.0 plate (2.0-6.0mm), plate (6.0-25.0mm), aluminum plate (25-200mm), ultra thick aluminum plate (above 200mm). Aluminum plate manufacturers pointed out that, in terms of technology, aluminum plate sheet refers to the use of aluminum ingot rolling processing rectangular plate, can be divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, thin aluminum sheet, medium thick aluminum plate and aluminum checker plate.How to determine the price of aluminium sheet with different thickness and alloy?

The following aluminum products manufacturer tell you understand the basic steps of aluminum sheet metal price:The quote of aluminium sheet metal price in details:1, the first to make sure that the requirements of aluminum plate sheet size, thickness, width, length, etc. The specific data.When computing unit meters shall prevail.2, aluminum volume * aluminum density (2.71), i.e. length * width * thickness *2.71, calculate the weight of each aluminum (ton), and then multiplied by the number of aluminum, such as 300, 500, the result is the total weight of this batch of aluminum sheets.3,to understand the current market price of aluminium ingot, the available from chinalco website price changes every day.

quote of aluminium sheet metal price

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